Giorgio Isaila nicknamed ''Dracula'' born in Romania is a professional boxer in UK and former amateur National Champion, Senior ABA National Champion, multiple Boxcups winner and International Finalist in the 7th International Catalunya Amateur Boxing Tournament in Barcelona, Spain. 

Isaila moved to London and started his adult life at the nearly 18 of age. First job in London as a bartender in the heart of Soho, London. A year later after he started boxing Giorgio quit his job to focus and dedicate to boxing.

Giorgio Isaila signed to Goodwin Boxing debuted on 25th November 2023 under the lights of the famous york hall
against one of the best journeyman in the country Jordan Geranium and secured a 40-36 win.
On the 25th March Giorgio had his 2nd fight at York Hall where he meet Dale Arrowsmith and showed way stronger display of skills to secure the 40-36 win.
Giorgio is scheduled to have his third fight at the York Hall on 1st of June 2024 and ready to make a statement.
Giorgio is looking to get sponsorships on board on this journey and hope that everyone will support him.

for any sponsorship enquiries: [email protected]


Not long after he has joined the Honour & Glory Boxing Club, Giorgio has got his level 1 and 2 boxing coaching qualifications with the London Amateur Boxing Association  . Giorgio also is a level 3 personal trainer and level 4 Strength and Conditioning Trainer.

Since then (February 2022) to present, Giorgio is volunteering and teaching boxing to the very young childrens +5 years old to the amateur juniors and seniors groups doing his best to help the community and inspire & build better people mentally and  physically. Giorgio also does one to one sessions with beginners, experienced boxers to professional boxers. 

Inspiring the youngsters to become the best versions of themselves, helping with lossing weight and become healthy & stronger, Giorgio first priority is to help the community to overcome their addictions, quit and start boxing to change their life and become their best version as he did earlier few years ago. 


From a young age Isaila lived a dangerous life on the Romanian streets with many addictions which was killing his mind & body. Repeating the same mistakes in London, Isaila realised that there it was no escape of this trap and had to change this. One day a boxing match has random popped up and Isaila immediately knew that this has a meaning and the very next day Isaila visited a local boxing gym nearby his house in East London and started to learn boxing & become discplined.  Influenced by Tyson Fury's book ''The Furious Method'' and Lawrence Okolie's ''Dare to change your life'' Isaila quit all the bad addictions, started working on his mindset, body, and routine to become his best version. 

In January 2022, Isaila joined his first club in South East London called  Honour and Glory Boxing Club . After a month Isaila got carded as an amateur boxing with London Amateur Boxing Association
Isaila had his first amateur bout on 4th February 2022 and lost to A.King by points.

After moving on from the previous lost decision, on 26th February Isaila is stopping A.Cornwall in second round via KO.  Not long after Isaila get two wins against Z.Sulieman, both via unanimous decision. Moving next Isaila stepped in the ring with a 3.5kg heavier opponent and stopped S.Best with a big body shot in the second round. 
Isaila finally got his remach with A.King who previously won against Isaila, this time Isaila came victorious by unanimous decision.  

After 6 bouts experience Isaila is entrying  his first tournament - London ABA Grassroots Belt Tournament 2022. In the semi-final (10th June 2022) Isaila won by unanimous decision against Z.Movehal and the next day in the Final (11th June 2022) winning against C.Hocksom and Isaila won his first belt.

Finishing the first season as an amateur with 7 wins and 1 loss, Isaila joined the squad from Walthamcross ABC  to travel in Spain for a training camp at Totana Sparring Camp . Isaila had a good sparring camp finishing the week with 38 rounds of sparring other amateur boxers, professional boxers and european champions boxers.

The 2022-2023 Season started and Isaila was selected to join the England Alliance Boxing Squad to go in Barcelona, Spain and represent England. Isaila won the semi final against a very good boxer named A.Claveu. The next day Isaila unlucky lost by points against  Pedro Peres a very skillfull boxer where also Isaila injured his right hand.

Coming back to England Isaila was desperate to heal his right hand, after it seems to feel better Isaila took a bout agaisnt L.McGrath and not long after the second round started Isaila damaged his hand and had to carry on and finish the match with one hand and got the loss by points.

A month later, Isaila entried the Novice National Championship Under 71kg  B class where he faced R.L.Jones and won by points. Just few hours later Isaila took the final in the same day against a very good friend from the same club V.Gibbens. Both wearing the same club kit all the crowd was confused and fascinated that two boxers from the same club won against everyone and meet in the final. Isaila came victorious by points and become the National Champion.

in 17th February 2023 just a year after Isaila first bout, He faces L.Hayes a much taller opponent and won by unanimous decision, two weeks after Isaila challanged M.Ngeya for the London ABA Challanger Belt and won the belt. at 14th April Honour and Glory Boxing Club hosting their first home show Isaila was in a special contest in the last bout of the show against L.McGrath previously lost against him. Isaila took a big unanimous decision win and finally took his revange. 

Now the next step was the Senior ABA National Championships, the biggest championship in UK. Isaila supposed to be in the Quarters againts C.Ryder who pulled out and made Isaila to move to the semi finals. In the semi finals Isaila won against S.Failla by unanimous decision and moved to the final which was a week later in Bude,Cornwall. In the Final Isaila met L.Hayes an previously opponent and won by majority decision and become the Senior ABA National Champion 2023 under 71Kg. Just before thinking about moving to the Professional stage, Isaila entryied the last competition London ABA International Tournament winning the semi final against P.Sobcyk by unanimous decision and lost in the final by points against L.Hayes.

Gheorghita Isaila finished his second and last amateur season with a total of 20 bouts (16 wins - 4 losses) and turned over to professional boxing.

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